Success Story: CRISP Automated Notifications


The mission of the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) is to help providers make a positive impact on patient care through collaboration and cooperation. Through a combination of a powerful query-based portal where providers are able to search for information on over 8 million patients, a notification system that alerts physicians the moment a patient is admitted to or discharged from a hospital in the State of Maryland,

Preventable Re-admissions and Physician Notification (Journal of Hospital Administration)

Preventable hospital readmissions burden our health system with excessive costs. The key to reducing readmissions is appropriate follow-up care for patients upon discharge. Many patients today do not receive necessary follow-up care for the simple reason that their primary care and specialist physicians are not made aware of the hospitalization.

Use Case: Direct for Expedited Reimbursements and Improved Care Coordination

Healthcare provider offices need a user-friendly, secure means of clinical data exchange, whether they have adopted health information technology extensively or not at all. Secure email systems that use the standardized, federally-sponsored Direct protocol meet this need by providing a common platform that can be used by providers throughout the country.

Article: Meaningful Use: The Glass Half Full

Physicians are keenly aware of the anti-quated billing practices prevalent in both the governmental and private sectors. In this era of applications for every purpose, the health care insurance industry lags behind, remaining stubbornly reliant on using the telephone for treatment pre-approvals, mailing proofs of treatment, and asking physicians to perform a myriad of other (easily automated) manual tasks,